Cedre 100 ml sticks diffuser Esteban

Cedre 100 ml sticks diffuser Esteban
Cedre 100 ml sticks diffuser Esteban

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Made up of reed sticks in a fragrant solution, the decorative bouquet Esteban Cedar Fragrance To Your Home For Several Weeks. The scented bouquet may live for a long time. Once distributed throughout the scented solution, a choice of 11 of fragrances, and new stems allow you to re-apply the product.
Once all scented solution broadcast, use at several times for many days, our 250ml refill for scented bouquet reed sticks as well as a new pink cedar to bring back the fragrant aroma of the bouquet.
A fragrance boisé-frais
Top notes: grapefruit, nutmeg
Heart notes: cedar, cloves, patchouli
Base notes: Sandalwood, balms, vanilla
Box containing the vase, the stems of rattan and the 100ml refill.
The whole collection Cedar Esteban


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