LUNA™ mini skincare device by FOREO

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LUNA™ mini skincare device by FOREO

Transform your skin with the LUNA mini

Using an ultra-hygienic silicone brush the T-Sonic™ pulsates through your skin to give you a deep but gentle cleansing.

It’s compact, travel-friendly, requires no replacement brushes and its smart design is completely waterproof.

How to use the Foreo LUNA mini Skincare Device

Use twice daily for only a minute. This will cleanse and transform your skin by removing impurities that cause breakouts.

You’ll have a healthier looking, radiant complexion in no time - plus the confidence that comes with having lovely clear and clean skin.

LUNA mini features

  • No replacement brushes required
  • Unrivalled quality and assurance with 2-year warranty
  • Full waterproof for regular use in bath or shower
  • Non-abrasive silicone brush with soft touch-points
  • Up to 300 users from a single charge thanks to the integrated battery

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